Studio Policies

Thackeray Suzuki Studio Policies

  • Please click here and follow the current payment plan.  Payments are due the first lesson of the month.  A $10 late fee will incur if payments are made after the 10th of the month.
  • There are no make-up lessons.  Time with my family and for me is invaluable.  My teaching schedule and other engagements plus my family time is fully booked.  Please make every attempt to attend all your lessons.  Please read this article about make-up lessons.
  • Each student is required to attend group lessons.  Group lessons are imperative to the success of your student with the Suzuki Method.  If you are unable to attend group lesson for an extenuating circumstance you must let me know because I plan the lessons around the needs of the students.  
  • Please keep your lesson time accurate.  Lessons will start and stop on time.
  • All students are required to study for the entire year, including summer. 
  • If you decide to quit lessons, you agree to continue lessons in which tuition has been paid.  There will be no refunds on tuition.
  • Always be prepared for your lesson.  Bring all music and materials easily locatable in your bag.  Practice the assignments throughout the week and LISTEN every day.  Mark your practice chart!  Purchase all suggested materials as soon as possible.  Consult the studio calendar and read the announcements and read all studio newsletters.
  • Parents, take notes and fill out the practice chart at the lesson.  The Suzuki method is successful when the parent is involved.  Taking notes and filling out the practice chart during the lesson keeps you engaged in the lesson.  Do not send your child in by herself without asking me first.  You should come to each lesson until your child is in junior high.
  • Practice daily.  Students who practice and listen every day progress considerably faster than those who don’t. I require a minimum 5 days of practice per week and reward students who practice every day. 
  • Daily listening of the current Suzuki CD is required.  Make it a part of your daily routine.  Those students who listen on a daily basis progress much faster and learn easier.  It makes a HUGE difference!  For beginners, I suggest purchasing the CDs through book 4 and listen to all the CDs often.  Don’t wait until you are in a book to purchase the CD.  Listen ahead of what you are learning.  There can never be enough listening!
  • Please make sure that all cell phones are turned of or switched to the silent mode for lessons.  It is a distraction when these go off!
  • No gum chewing is allowed during lessons.  Gum chewing and playing a musical instrument do not mix!
  • Please make sure that your child’s fingernails are always trimmed.  Hair should be pulled back.
  • If siblings must attend a student’s lesson, they must play quietly in the family room or studio.  Please DO NOT let them roam the house.  Please don’t bring food and clean up all messes made by your children.  You need to be attentive and take notes during the lesson time, so if your other children are a distraction, they must not come to the lesson!
  • All student families must be members of the Suzuki Association of Utah (SAU).  You agree to pay the membership fee each year.  Every student must also participate in AT LEAST one SAU event each year.
  • Intermountain Suzuki String Institute.  I feel that it makes an impact on a child’s life in many ways besides the violin.  Please plan ahead and save for it and be excited about it.   Scholarships are available.
  • Students will have a choice whether to participate in Federation.  Federation dues will be added to January's tuition.
  • Review: students are expected to review all their pieces throughout the week.  This creates a good foundation to build upon, strengthens previously learned skills, builds confidence, enlarges repertoire, and promotes and increases musicality.
  • Note Reading: This is a very important skill to learn on the violin.  I will teach note reading after I feel the student has a sufficient level of technique on the violin.  When I start note reading, it must be practice EVERY DAY!
  • Each student needs their own Suzuki books.  If you have more than one child studying with me please purchase Suzuki books for each student.  I strongly recommend spiral binding your Suzuki books!



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