About Me

Leslie at age 4

I was born and raised in Salt Lake and have been a Suzuki violin player since I started lessons at the age of 4 with Ramona Stirling (who is now my children's teacher.)  After graduating from the Suzuki method I studied with Jack Ashton (Utah Symphony) who was also my orchestra teacher at Olympus High School. 

In college I studied several different career options and after lots of thought and inspiration I decided to major in Music at the University of Utah. Here I studied with David Park and Lynette Stewart (both with the Utah Symphony.)  In 2000 I decided to start teaching and continue to take Suzuki training at the Intermountain Suzuki String Institute.  My most influential trainers are Linda Fiore, Ed Kreitman, Cathy Lee and Ed Sprunger along with many others throughout the years.

I have been actively involved with the Suzuki Association of Utah since 2002.  I have served on the board as president, executive secretary, and newsletter editor and webmaster.  I also own a small online business called The Practice Shoppe.

I currently have a small studio and appreciate those students who have stuck with me throughout all my housing moves and babies.  We have fun in our studio and it is fun to make traditions.  I truly love teaching and it was one of the best decisions I ever made!

Besides teaching I enjoy reading, running, gardening, but most of all spending time with my 5 children and incredibly supportive husband!



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